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12 Month Challenge – 1st Willand Brownies

Based on our Year in a Weekend Pack Holiday, 1st Willand Brownies are pleased to bring you the 12 Month Challenge

To gain this badge you will need to:

Do 1 activity appropriate to your Section age from each month.

Hold a celebration meal or party, to celebrate one of the highlights of the year.

For each month we have given you a selection of the bigger national and international festivals, and some ideas for activities around these, however do feel free to use your own ideas or variations, so long as you do one for each month.

You can either pick a mixture of the shorter and longer ideas and make this the basis for a Pack Holiday or Camp, or maybe complete the challenge over the course of the year, doing 1 activity a month. However you choose to complete the challenge, have fun!

This Challenge can be used to tie in with many different interest badges, or used as a stand alone challenge.


There will be a selection of activities in a resource pack at some point, but for now, all ideas can be found under the relevant month here:


n.b We are not responsible for external links.

Download the challenge pack here

Click the button below to download!


Please use paypal e-mail address for communication, and the 12 Month one is no longer active. Thanks