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Earning Badges

As part of our termly program, all Brownies will have the opportunity to work towards gaining interest badges.  The unit wide badges are chosen by the leaders after a PowWow with the girls. However Brownies are also encouraged to complete badges on their own or as a Six.  Badge books can be purchased, especially if a girls wants to have them signed off as a permanent record, however we have a couple as a unit, and all of the syllabuses can be found online.  We will also publish the details of any badges we are doing as a unit and highlight what will need to be done in addition to meetings.

When a Brownie makes her promise, she will receive her Adventure book and Brownie bag. The Adventure book is used in conjunction with meetings to help the Brownie develop her understanding of herself, her community and the world.  We will make sure that all the girls are given ample opportunity to understand the ideas in the book, and build on these to work towards her Adventure Badge.  

The next step as a Brownie is the Adventure On Program, which encourages her to look further at her own development in our core areas, and a further badge is given on completion.  

Finally she will complete More Adventures, during which she will look at the Guide Program, and even have a couple of visits to our local Guide pack, before hopefully moving on when she is around 10 years old.

Each Brownie Adventure Section is divided into three areas, and the termly program is built around the Brownies developing these values.

A Brownie will develop her: