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Leaders make it happen!

The unit is run by volunteers who plan, organise and run all the activities.  At Willand we have a leadership team, rather than one of us being the “Brown Owl” in overall charge. We meet regularly to plan sessions and make sure the programme covers all of the guiding essentials as well as being fun for all of us. If you would like you join our fun and friendly team, please just get in touch, you would be most welcome!

Please remember that we are all volunteers, with our own families and job to consider. Whilst we enjoy running the unit, it may sometimes take a day or two to reply to queries, so please be patient.

Dory - Clare Sellick

Dory lives in Willand with her family, including a Brownie daughter and and son. She enjoys crafts, cooking and the outdoors.

She is our holiday license holder and so is responsible for organising the units residential trips.  She is a fully qualified leader and has been with the unit around 8 years.

Pearl - Emily Shepherd

Pearl Lives in Budleigh with her young daughter, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She works and is studying.

She is our unit helper, but is currently focusing on her teaching career, so supports us behind the scenes rather than at meetings.

Bubbles - Bridget Pearse

Bubbles lives in Exmouth with her fiance and Rainbow daughter. She enjoys crafts, and camping, and is currently planning their wedding.

She is named Leader in charge so deals with all the paperwork and the unit finances.  She is a fully qualified leader and has been with the unit around 10 years.

Squirt - Libby

Libby lives in Willand with her family. She enjoys crafts, family time, and walking the dog. She works, and is studying.

She has just finished her Leadership Qualification.  She has been with the unit around 9 years, since being a young leader.