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Our Program (What we do and why)

What we do during weekly meetings

Our weekly meetings are one and a half hours long, and we would usually be working towards an interest or challenge badge, making progress on our Adventure badge with Community action or Personal challenges.  This will involve crafts, physical challenges, cooking, playing games, developing skills and using our imaginations. We usually start with a quick summary of the evenings plans and catch up on any news, sometimes we will have a snack or drink during the evening, and we usually finish with a game, and our Brownie circle.

What else we do

We aim to give the girls plenty of opportunities to go on trips or outings as a unit. Details of these will be provided at the time and consent forms are essential for each trip. We have an annual trip to the Panto, but have also visited Woodlands Adventure Park, Haldon Forest School, Bristol Zoo, the local skittle alley, the Firestation, Tesco Farm to Fork, Clip and Climb,a local farm to see lambing, and swimming to name just a few.

Getting away from it all!

Our aim is to offer every girl at least 1 residential opportunity each year.  These will vary from a traditional Pack Holiday weekend, to sleepovers in unusual places, PGL, or large scale events.  These are publicised well in advance so the Brownies can prepare.  Residential's give the girls a longer time to work together in groups, and we are able to complete more complex activities. Our main Pack Holiday is a highlight of the year which all the girls look forward to, however the Brownies are expected to partake in their share of the work such as washing up and cleaning.

The Girlguiding programme is based on our 5 essentials

For more information about Girguidings Educational Framework, please see here.

In Brownies we implement this through a varied program, and use of the Adventure books.  For more information about the Adventure books, please see the Badges section.  Our activities are broken down into You, Community or World, and we cover a wide selection of topics over the year.